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I never thought I'd be a crazy chicken lady, but here I am, knee deep in feathers and chicken sh*t, and I mother clucking love it. 

There is something really special about these dinobeasts, as I affectionately call them. Their allure goes well beyond laying beautiful eggs and providing poop for the garden. 

I raise my flock trying to balance the fact that they are domesticated animals requiring my stewardship and care, while at the same time recognizing that they are still animals with a lot of natural instincts that should be nourished and encouraged. Information I share includes real-life and personal lessons in chicken-keeping, not the romanticized versions often portrayed.


I am the author of the best-selling and highly rated book, The Beginner's Guide to Raising Chickens:

How to Raise a Happy Backyard Flock.  


If you don't already own a copy, get one from your local independent bookseller, or order via this link.


If you have questions about chicken-keeping, gardening, food preservation, or other aspects of sustainable living and urban homesteading, allow me to help you with my eggspertise and book a consultation.

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