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Food is my love language. 

I love to eat and I honestly believe that one of the best ways to understand a culture to through its food. And one of the best ways to show love and compassion is also through food. 


I lost some of my spark for food when I realized that I had a severe issue with gluten (celiac disease) and had to readjust my entire lifestyle and way of thinking in order to love food again, albeit in a slightly different and more careful way. Knowing that I can't eat out safely in most circumstances, whether at a food establishment or at someone's house, is one of the reasons I delved more into growing more and more of my own food. It's also led me to being more passionate about preserving my food and realizing that the art (and safety) of preserving one's own food has skipped a generation or two. Thus, I trained and volunteer as a Master Food Preserver. 


All the recipes on this site is gluten-free and are my own. I urge you to use the freshest and most naturally grown ingredients you can find. I also urge you to support your local farmers as much as possible, and when buying eggs and meat, to buy pasture-raised and humanely-raised. 


Want to learn more about food preservation but are afraid of doing it wrong or giving yourself a case of food poisoning? Want to skip the steep learning curve in learning how to cook or bake gluten-free? I can help you! I've been preserving my own food for a few years now, and I also volunteer as a Master Food Preserver in my county. Also, I have celiac disease and have been baking and cooking gluten-free for a decade. I can help you avoid the headaches and stress I had trying to navigate a strict gluten-free life. Allow me to help you by booking a consultation.

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