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I inherited my love of gardening from my dad. My dad talked me into trying to grow mung bean sprouts for my fourth grade science project. I compared growing sprouts in darkness versus in sunlight. I was hooked on the idea that something so tiny could grow into a large plant that produced hundreds of additional seeds that could be eaten as food.

That experience turned me into a life-long gardener, though I didn't have the opportunity to grow so much until Guy Human (my husband) and I moved to our current home. 

Currently, our growing area includes our entire front yard, a terraced portion of our extremely steep hilly backyard that we dub the "Garden of Eatin'" and a portion of our back patio. The chickens free range over the rest of the backyard and some tiny ones live on the patio, where they do quite a bit of damage to my patio garden, 

I am an intuitive lazy gardener. I don't garden by formulas or strict orderly rows. I mimic what I observe in nature and do a lot of non-linear interplanting. My growing areas are set up with a combination of long-practiced natural growing techniques (more modernly termed "permaculture" or "regenerative agriculture") with the practicability of raised veggie beds.

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If you have questions about gardening, growing food, gardening with chickens, food preservation, or other aspects of sustainable living and urban homesteading, allow me to help you by booking a consultation.

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